How to Use ABAP Checkpoint Group?

How to Use ABAP Checkpoint Group?


This is an ABAPer debug and analysis the program runtime new feature. To help sap programmers find problem quickly and improve the program quantity.


  1. T-Code: SAAB Checkpoint Groups for Checkpoints that Can Be Activated


    Use for the maintenance and activation of checkpoint groups for checkpoints that can be activated ( assertions, breakpoints, and logpoints).).



  2. Create New Ceckpoint Group.


    Example: ZBC_CHK_GRP



  3. Default are all setting Inactive for Breakpoints, Logpoints, and Assertions. The below spot is represents three levels


    Save and Back to Checkpoint Group Initial View and Active the Checkpoint




  4. Setting Checkpoint Group Two Ways.

    1). Activation one of the three level item directly.

    2) Setting Activation by Variant


    Definition Checkpoint Group Action Contents.


    Activation variant Level



  5. Check Checkpoint Group Activate Information





    Note: if not found any entries in activation list. That mean the checkpoint group not activated, the checkpoint group it is not working in program. Runtime ignore the checkpoint group statements.





— Test Checkpoints Group —

A Simple ABAP example Program for test checkpoint group.


*& Report ZBC_TEST01






data: lv_str type string,

lt_tab1 type table of i.


lt_tab1 = VALUE #( ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 ) ( 4 ) ).


lv_str = ‘Test Checkpoint Group – ASSERT’.




FIELDS syuname lt_tab1

CONDITION syuname <> ‘WEI.ZHU’.


“Break Point



“Log Point

lv_str = ‘Test Checkpoint Group – LOG-POINT’.


FIELDS syuname lt_tab1.


WRITE: ‘Test OK’.




— Test Result —

Test Case 1

ASSET - Aboart


Test Case 2




T-Code: SAAB – > Log



Addition Remarks

  1. DEV Activations cannot tack to PRD system, Apply Checkpoint group need to activate again on target system.
  2. Once activated do not forget to turn off.
  3. The value of the profile parameter abap/aab_log_field_size_limit has been set to 0 (no restriction) by system administrators, Checkpoint have been activated and huge amount of collected log records was never cleared-up.
  4. Checkpoint Group Logs data are collected in Table: SRTM_SUB and SRTM_DATAX. These two Table contain many records also can check found on T-Codes: SAAB and T-Code: SRTM
  5. Generally a checkpoint wouldn’t be active for such a long time and create so many entries, but this can happen.
  6. Unfortunately SAP doesn’t provide a report to delete a large numbers of entries checkpoint group logs (reference Item 3)
  7. A simple display Checkpoint activations report and the code snippet can be found on SAP SCN here
  8. A simple ABAP – Delete the collected LOG-POINTS data entries in tables SRTM_DATAX and SRTM_SUB on SAP SCN here

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