How To Customization SAP CRM Logo ?

How To Customization SAP CRM Logo ?



  1. Prepare New Logo


  1. Create Logo Folder: ZCRM_LOGO


T-Code: SE80


Selected Repository Browser -> BSP Application -> ZCRM_LOGO , Create BSP Object.




Created Save and Active.





Import Logo to Logo Folder


Select MIME Repository to check view the logo.

Path: /SAP/BC/BSP/SAP/ZCRM_LOGO/microsoft-gray.png



  1. Define New logo in IMG Customizing

IMG -> Customer Relationship Management->UI Framework->UI Framework Definition-> Skins and Icons->Define Icons


Create New icon with name ‘ CUSTOM_LOGO’ of type ‘Logo’


Type: LOGO




Set Icon Files path is Custom Logo Path:




If you want to overwrite the SAP logo, create a new icon with name CUSTOM_LOGO and type LOGO. If you use your own company logo, be aware of its size. If the logo does not entirely fit into the header area of the WebClient UI, you can adjust the header size in the Customizing activity Define Layout Profile(spro->crm->ui framework->define layout profile)

The SAP logo is replaced by your logo in the entire WebClient UI, in the header area of all screens, in the screen in which you select a business role for logon, and so on. Since logos are skin-dependent, you also need to ensure that the logo is available for all skins.



  1. Set the Logo Text by Business Role

IMG ->Customer Relationship Management -> Business Roles ->Business Roles -> Define Business Role




—Test Result—

  1. Business Role Menu




  2. Page Header Logo and text

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