How To Use the SAP CRM Role Configuration Key

How To Use the SAP CRM Role Configuration Key



Explain what a role configuration key exactly is.

F2 hot key on CRM Web UI shown the blow page. It is details technical data with the selected assignment block.

In many cases, we will to make certain change to a Web UI view, Such as:

– Adding certain fields

– Hiding certain fields

– Change a label of a field

– Change the properties of a certain field (e.g. Make it output only or a mandatory field).


We can use the configuration key to implement the above requirement.



1. Defining a new “configuration key” can be done in Customizing

SPRO -> Customer Relationship Management -> UI Framework -> Technical Role Definition -> Define Role Configuration Key



Web UI view: “Employees” field “archiving flag” should be available for all user, but only maintainable by the Master Data Team.

Check see the field is not visible yet within the default configuration, so first need to add the field.

To establish these requirement need to create:

-2 Business role:

  • 1 for all user
  • 1 for the Master Data Team

-2 Configuration Keys

  • ZCRM_BC_01




Create 2 new business roles as a copy of the standard SERVICEPRO business role.

2. Define Business Role

SPRO -> Customer Relationship Management -> UI Framework -> Business Roles ->Define Business Role

Or via the transaction code: CRMC_UI_PROFILE


Maintained these New Business Roles the same name with the configuration key:



3. Actually change the relevant View

In order to find the relevant component /view name, Use the F2 button



Check Table got the active component enhancement set first. Table Name: BSPWD_COMP_EXT


Select “Component Structure Browser”, and next take a look at the Views.

By double clicking on the relevant View ‘BP_EMPL/EmployeeDetails the standard configuration will be shown on

The right hand side of my screen.

In this case, add the “archiving flag” that normally resides in the “general data”. To check this, click on the button “Show Available Fields”.


Click Show Field Properties


Search and check the field will be available.


Then Copy the default configuration to new role configuration key “ZCRM_ALL”

In the pop-up I press Yes.

In the above pop-up is where enter “config key”, being “ZCRM_ALL”.

This will create a new “customizing request” as doing screen configuration.

Make sure that you are now working in your customer configuration. You can always select it manually using the button “Choose configuration”.


Select available field and drop it to what where you want.

Add Filed Done.

Set the field is display only.


SAVE this configuration.


4. Config User Role and Test.

Quickly check if the field is already visible If I logon with the business role ZCRM_ALL.


T-Code: PFCG

COPY the selected PFCG role and go to T code: PFCG.


Copy All and Save.




Assign PFCG Role to Business Role.

IMG: SPRO-> IMG->CRM->UI Framework-> Technical Role Definition->Define Role Config Key




Test Business Role: ZCRM_ALL

Login Select s Business Role:


Configuration Key test:




How to Set User Direct login to Web, Skip Business Role select. Customization as below:

Assigning Business Role

You can assign a business role either at the org unit level or to a position.

• Go to T-Code PPOMA_CRM

• Select the organization Unit. For eg: DEV Org.

• Double click on a position, in the GOTO menu and choose Detail object–> enhanced object description.

• Choose the info type Business Role.

• Go back, right click on the position and assign the user


Maintain the parameter CRM_UI_PROFILE for the business role.


T-Code: SU3

User can login with the business role assigned to him.

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